How Shmapp Works?

Shmapp goal is to create a microcosm, a network that is composed of those who are interested in supporting the local businesses and individuals, reducing their carbon footprint and make the world a better place.

How? By connecting individuals and businesses with a map and personalized content delivery and helping every user know which business around them is a part of the local network, which product is local and directions to that specific location or product.

Why? At Shmapp we found that most of us go to mega shops and corporations and payment amounts that might seem a little less than buying local boutique, artisan or a smaller business, but what exactly does that mean on the bigger picture? Well, it is simple, we save a small amount but receive a product that went through some quality assurance, faster delivery and maybe even gets a warranty, sounds great!

Well, almost, by doing that we just keep feeding the millions of dollars that go to the corporation and forget our own communities, usually receiving a product that had been shipped from other parts of the world, thus, contributing to the pollution caused by air/sea shipping and in some cases sweatshops, never knowing what is really involved with the product we purchased.

By purchasing locally we get a product that we personally know who made it, we support our local businesses, we have reduced dramatically our global footprint and get overall a more trustworthy product that was made for us and our need rather than to make a few just a little richer.

What about when it comes to services and products that are not physical? What about when it comes to a service like roofing, air conditioning, furnaces, and renovations? Shmapp has that in mind as well, it is not uncommon that a neighbor would work for such a company, by allowing each of us complete freedom of what is possible for posting we enable each user to promote their work as well, and by that allowing other users to reach over to a person they trust directly and let them know of their interest, it creates a win-win situation for everyone, the employee gets a referral from people they know which helps them move forward at work, the user who is interested in the business can get a better price (employee discount anyone?) and the business gets more business!

Trust seems to be repeated, right? It is not a mistake, trust plays a crucial role in our system, and because of that Shmapp has a review and ranking system to allow users to share their thoughts about each service or item a user/retailer is offering, with that system in place Shmapp is able to detect possible scam accounts and worse ensuring safety and confidence.

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