What we define as socially responsible

At Shmapp, we developed a few guidelines regarding our view of what constitutes a socially responsible business/item, any post that we find to break these very simple guidelines might result in preventative actions. These guidelines are made to ensure the quality of the items and business displayed within the platform are of value to the end user, Shmapp takes this very seriousely and ensures that good quality content is and will be delivered to the users who are looking to better their local economy and their impact on our planet. 

The guidelines for socially responsible business/items are:

  • A small business that is not a chain and operates within a set geographical area and serving a local community (restaurants, law firms, grocery stores, hair saloon, etc...)
  • A chain business that only publishes products that are produced/manufactured within the imidiate vicinity of the current branch displayed (i.e. wallmart branch in a city that publishes a coffee bean brand that is made in the same city or nearby)
  • An individual who has a skill or provides a service (freelancers, lawyers, carpenters, private tutors, etc...)
  • An individual who has an item for sale or donate
  • A business that buy/sells used items and promotes the items of the current location

This list provides a general idea of what Shmapp views as socially responsible, following these guidelines help create a sustainable source of truth of what should be purchased as individuals that will strengthen and unite local communities.

This list is likely to become more comprehensive and detailed over time, please visit this page again to see the updates.