Social gains of using Shmapp

By using the features available within Shmapp’s platform a user supports the local community economy, it is by purchasing from local establishment and service providers that we actually repay ourselves since two or three times as much money spent stays in the local economy when you buy goods and services from locally-owned businesses rather than chain stores.

When we support our friends and neighbors. Invest in our community, we help to create a stronger and healthier community by keeping our money right where we reside.

Most Local stores assist in regenerating and maintaining vibrant, diverse, compact and walkable downtown centers, which are essential for keeping communities green as well as attracting more traffic by becoming a tourism attracting hub due to the diversity and the one-of-a-kind businesses that are an integral part and distinctive character of any community.

Locally-owned businesses invest in local labor, invest in local taxes, consider and spend time on community-based decisions, and take part in local events. By doing so, they manifest and generate more opportunities for all of us here in our communities.

Local business owners live, breath and love their local communities which they depend on. These businesses are less likely to leave and are more invested in the future of the entirety of their relative local community.

Local business owners invest in local purchases themselves since they know what it means to run the local establishment. They, their employees and relatives are also statistically more likely to donate to local charities and take part in local events that brings local communities closer together.

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