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So you must be wondering, what Shmapp is all about and why it is good for you and the ones close to you (yes… Shmapp cares about them as well). Well, you’ve reached the right place! Shmapp (Socially responsible Habitat Map Application) is designed to bring communities closer and provide a stage to share our skills with people near us that we trust. Our goal is to get each and every one of us to come together and provide to those we trust and care about by providing a free marketplace where each user can share their skills and even create ad for free that will display on the website, while at it, why not sell or donate things that you no longer need? Why is it important to all of us? It’s simple, globalization is both good and bad, while we get access to items and products all over the world it also erodes the middle class, and the more global shipping occurs the bigger our carbon footprint gets. In order to strengthen local economies and reduce global carbon footprint Shmapp provides tools to promote local businesses and service providers and to display the items they offer, users can view those items and then communicate and navigate to that specific location using the mobile app. What makes us different from any other buy/sell apps and platforms? Yes, a common question with a very simple answer, our device network. You see, how would you or your business like to show what you have to offer to users as they walk past your location? Sounds neat right? With Shmapp it is possible, have a look at the “How it works” page to learn more.


Bringing virtual to life

Shmapp goal is to create a microcosm, a network that is composed of those who are interested in supporting the local businesses and individuals, reducing their carbon footprint and make the world a better place. How? By connecting individuals and businesses with a map and personalized content delivery and helping every user know which business around them is a part of the local network, which product is local and directions to that specific location or product.


The Shmapp Cycle

Keeping it local, live, local.

Shmapp Cycle

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