Shmapp Social Shopping
  • 2 years ago
  • Canada
  • Ontario
  • Ancaster

With Shmapp being socially responsible, reducing carbon footprint, publishing/viewing local purchasable items, supporting local businesses and being a part of a local community couldn't be easier.
From retail shops and farmer markets to personal items buy/sell and services, we got used to stickers and posters with the slogan “Buy Local” that can be seen plastered on the product packagings and publications.
These stickers are there to remind others that purchasing goods and services locally supports small community businesses, protects the environment and keeps the local flavour of an area alive.
Shmapp allows users to post their talented abilities and skills, sellable items and donations for free to build a network in which everyone gains from including the environment.
By creating a user it is possible to create a localized network where individuals and businsess communicate and support one another all while helping the environment and the local economy.