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About Lion Tattoos

So you are thinking about a lion tattoo? You’ve made a great choice. After all the lion has been regarded by many as the ‘king of beasts’ over the ages. The same remains true even today. In the animal kingdom lions are the true monarchs – they are the crowned leaders. Leaders have frequently used lions as the symbol of strength and leadership for thousands of years. And why not; who isn’t impressed by the brute strength? Who doesn’t stop and take notice when a lion roars? Their thunderous roar just underscores the might, courage and supremacy of this mighty beast.

There’s a huge assortment of lion tattoo options for you to consider. The majority of people select a real-looking lion that accurately represents the king of beasts. Your options include selecting a cool, calm and collected lion. Or you can choose a lion with its teeth showing, as if in the midst of a booming roar. No matter what the final choice, a skilled tattoo artist can soon craft a striking, genuine looking lion tattoo for you.

As far as color is concerned, for some less is more. They feel a simple, down-to-earth tattoo is just right. They know a single color will look great, especially when it’s created by a skilled tattoo artist. Others feel the top ones include a variety of colors and shades. They feel the skin, fur, eyes, mane, nose, teeth and mouth all need to be highlighted with the use of different colors.

There are many options when it comes to the size of your lion tattoo. It’s your decision. Want a larger tattoo covering your complete back or the front of your upper body? Looking for a tattoo that’s just inches in size? With a tattoo of a lion the options are unlimited. You can have the lion’s head, or the entire lion as your tattoo.

Do you want to add some detail and complexity to your lion tattoo? Then put the lion in a jungle, plains or rocky environment. Not only will the lion pop out more clearly, but there will be added color, detail and areas of interest included as well. Of course the greater the size and the more details you add the greater the price.

A lion tattoo will send the message of might, force, authority and leadership. Take the time to conduct online research and to find just the right design. Then make sure you locate a true artist to create the right tattoo for you.

Source by Bobbie Hamilton

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