Interior Design Trends For 2010

There is a concerted move by interior designers to embrace sustainable and eco-friendly options, be it in the selection of furniture or simply in the colour palette itself.

Natural hard woods, reclaimed, or from locally grown re-afforested sources, are the dynamic watchword for the New Year. Not only is the end product durable, aesthetically pleasing, highly desirable, and, if custom-made, totally unique; it’s the simplest of ways to reduce our hefty carbon footprints on our teetering planet.

Together with sustainable naturality, eclectic choice is being punted over and above the singular styles of yesteryear. Select furnishings, fabrics and finishings of differing styles, genres and periods – items which appeal to you as an individual but which work in synergy and you’ll be on the right track.

There’s an undeniable hunger for all things classical, particularly in designer furniture. Instead of selecting modernistic, ‘new material’ pieces, go for the timeless, enduring treasures.

Carefully crafted custom made furniture is more than ever before growing in demand and stature. Apart from its exclusivity, there is a definite trend towards the appreciation of the skills of the craftsman.

The benefits of ‘custom made’ designer furniture are obvious:

• There’s simply no compromise on the size, shape or material. You select what you want, where you want it and how you want it made. Always be open to suggestions by the craftsman though, he’ll have an intimate understanding of job and material.

• You can select the style, shape and colour which enhance your existing collection. No more ‘mix and match’ scenarios.

• By participating in the design process from conception to installation, your experience should be a satisfying one.

• Finely hand-crafted pieces are generally durable and are worth every cent.

• Studies have shown good, custom built furniture and finishes can increase the overall value of your home, with an estimated return of 150% on the initial outlay.

• Finely crafted custom made furniture will appreciate in value over time.

Although wood remains first choice for both designers and Joe Public, organic or recycled and reclaimed wood furniture is also topping the designer charts this year.

Select eco-friendly furniture which doesn’t impact negatively on the environment. Second-hand furniture is one option but so too are pieces made from bamboo and other fast-growing sustainable materials.

The main factors to go for are: Quality workmanship, natural materials, unique designs and reasonable pricing and delivery services.

Source by Ginger Ally