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2nd Hand Car?

A lot of people have in mind in term of value would be surrounded about price and discounts; searching endless on the Internet and newspaper looking for that “hot” deal that would be coming this weekend. But in order to really find that best car that bang for the buck is actually hidden in the word “Used” Car not “Sales”!

Let’s surround out discussion on whether to buy a new or used car around two important factors that every body thinks, which are value and safety of your car.

Statistically shows the average value of the a new vehicle during the first three years is about 30% less than the day when you first buying it, meaning you lose thousands of dollars on your brand new car even if you don’t drive it and park it all year long! For some car models and brand, the price fall could be even higher. Remember, it has not factor in things like wear, tear of the vehicles yet.

Comparably speaking, for a three year used vehicle, the depreciation rate is only about 5%; so basically won’t fall as much as new one. The other up side of buying a two to three year used car is that you wouldn’t be paying higher auto insurance and the warranty plan is just as good. Therefore you do save tons of money buying a used car right off the bat.

In terms of safety issue I suspect a lot people would raise their eye brow when they see the sign “used lot” when visiting a dealer. I understand your concerns and worry of buy a vehicle off someone else as oppose to manufacturer, but the trick is to have the dealer show you the certificate of safety or the history of the car before blindly buy it. Generally speaking, a creditable dealer that sell used cars normally would inspect the vehicle themselves before purchase back from someone. As long as you are going to a reputable dealership, chances that you’ll end up with a lemon is very small.

So where do you looking for Ad or resources on used car information? well, you could check out some of the car classifieds on the Internet. With tons of information ranges from dealership to brands, I am sure you’ll find a dream car you’ve been thinking for a long time.

Source by Kevin Gang Wang

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