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How to Get Good Prices on Used Tanning Beds

Ready to invest on a tanning bed, but not quite ready to shoulder the full cost of a brand new one? Never fear – you can always purchase a good secondhand tanning bed. But though you may get substantial savings by purchasing a used bed instead of a new one, it may still take a bit of smarts to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth. The prices on used tanning beds could range from very affordable to quite extravagant – you may be better off buying a brand new model for some of the prices offered for “almost new” or “barely used” products.

Of course, first of all, you have to be able to tell if the prices on used tanning beds are fair. First, know your price range – how much you have on hand, and how high you’re willing to go for a good bed. This will help you look through the market for beds that will fit your specifications and your budget. After you have pruned down your selections, look up the prices of their brand new models online. This way, you’ll be able to gauge just how much the previous owner of each bed dropped the price by.

When it’s time to interrogate the person who is selling a previously-owned tanning bed, one of your essential questions should be: Why? Why are you selling the bed? Is there anything wrong with it, anything that needs fixing? Sometimes owners will say no, there’s nothing wrong with the unit, they simply got tired of using it and want to get rid of it right away for the space… and sometimes this will be true. Tanning beds do take up a lot of floor area, space which could be used for nifty new furniture or exercise gear. On the other hand, it may seem suspicious if the price is way too low for the market standard; perhaps the owner is not being completely honest with the model’s defects.

So reading up on how a tanning bed is supposed to work would save you a lot of money and grief. Being able to spot defects on your own would keep you from falling into the common traps that devious owners lay for first-time buyers.

Remaining time on a warranty adds to the value of a product, though some owners may not consider this when pricing their beds. If you’re deliberating between two beds with similar specs and roughly the same price, look into the time remaining on their warranty.

Last but not the last – if it’s still possible, haggle! Ask for the last price on a bed that you really have your eye on, and make it clear that you’re interested, but that you’re shopping around for the best deal. This is how you get good prices on used tanning beds, especially ones that are sure to faithfully serve you for a long time.

Source by Trevor Mulholland

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